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Banner Campaigns

Banner campaigns are made to attract the attention of the targeted audience. A banner campaign is run to catch the eyes of the audiences and until and unless it is captivating, it will not get any click. At Cavya, we have a professional team of designers who make striking and appealing banners which helps in getting large number of clicks. Our banner campaign includes:-

  • Identifying the websites to advertise on. It is made relevant to the website for which it is being designed.
  • Banner is made keeping in mind the quality and relevance of the subject.
  • Considering the objective of the campaign, product or service and the target audiences.
  • Monitoring the performance and the metrics of the banner placed on the basis of Click through rate (CTR), return on investment (ROI) and other factors.
  • Our motive behind banner campaign is to maximize the impressions and clicks within your budget.