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What’s new with Sitemaps

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What’s new with Sitemaps

What’s new with Sitemaps

On 2/1/2012 5:13:50 AM

Sitemaps are a technique to say Google about pages on your site. Webmaster Tools’ Sitemaps feature provides you opinion on your submitted Sitemaps, for example how many Sitemap URLs have been indexed, or whether your Sitemaps have any errors. Recently, Google has added even more information The Sitemaps page displays details based on content-type. Now statistics from Web, Videos, Images and News are featured prominently. This lets you see how many items of each type were submitted (if any), and for some content types, we also show how many items have been indexed. With these enhancements, the new Sitemaps page replaces the Video Sitemaps Labs feature, which will be retired. For more detail in formation click http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2012/01/whats-new-with-sitemaps.html